Depeche Mode Midi files by Serge de Groot
Little 15
More than a Party
The Sun and the Rainfall
The Bottom Line
People are People
Sister of Night
Never turn your back on Mother Earth - M.Gore
Compulsion - M.Gore
Motherless Child - M.Gore

My brother, who also loves Depeche Mode, made these midi files, which you can download here.
He continues to work on more MIDI-files, at the moment he's busy with the next one, so check back here often, as you (and I) don't know when the next one will appear :-).
Please feel free to comment ;-) on these files by mailing him.
Some time ago, Bong, the Depeche Mode mailing-list, mentioned that someone made a Depeche Mode DOOM wad-file. This inspired my brother, yes he's the creative one, to make a Quake level.
Here are two screenshots of the level.

You can download the level here. (646kb)

That same brother is now busy building a Depeche Mode Half-life level....
You can see some screenshots here!!
He's released the BETA-version of his level! You can get it here

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